Chef Rui Ribeiro already has the Saviore

This renowned chef, who day after day delights us with different flavours and new recipes, is also attentive to the most important aspects of a kitchen, such as safety. That's why he already has something that will make the difference when it comes to bringing together safety and design. Saviore is an integral part of your decoration and, when it comes to safety, gives those who have it a rest.

Everyone must have noticed, in photos or directories, that I have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen; it may not be the most beautiful thing in the world, and be a tumble but safety comes first, and it is very easy to start a fire.

But the thing has changed! Now SAVIORE, the new @ittenz.for extinguisher for home use, at home or even in the car, has arrived without ruining the kitchen decoration.

I dare even say it gives you a certain glamour ☺ is light, compact and as easy to use as a conventional spray (yes, from insects or air freshener ????).

And the best of all is that it is available in 7 colours, each one more beautiful than the last. So you no longer need to take any chances in your kitchen! SAVIORE combines design, utility and safety.

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